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Fishing Reports

A Wolffish on the deck before release

A Wolffish on the deck before release

A great weekend of fishing in Gloucester on the Lisa&Jake. Folks landed some nice Haddock and released a bunch of nice Codfish for another day. Six Wolffish were caught and released as well, that is the most wolfish we have seen in a while!

The great weather brought folks together for a great weekend of fishing!

We pulled all the lobster traps this weekend and caught 3 keeper lobster and through back 7 short lobsters and 3 egg bearing lobsters. We caught one Cunner and several crabs as well.

Nice size Haddock caught by Earl

Nice size Haddock caught by Earl

Matt lands a nice one

Matt lands a nice one

Wolfy bites his tail

Wolfy bites his tail

DSC00117 DSC00122 DSC00129 DSC00130

nice double Haddock

nice double Haddock

Last week the Lisa&Jake went out a few times and started our Lobster Fishing!

The Haddock were plentiful as we picked through the smaller fish to make sure their were all good sized fish in the fish totes. A group from Arizona visited us this week after running a relay marathon! Although they were limping their arms were fine and reeled in many fish!

At the end of the trip we went a pulled the lobster traps and explained the methods and how the lobster fishing works!

Although it is still early we had lobster in every trap!



The Lisa&Jake had a beautiful day on the water Wednesday were folks took advantage of the 2 for one Shared charter. All hands caught many fish and picked the ” cream of the crop” to fill their filet bag! Water was flat calm and the fish were biting!

Our first Lobster pots of the year went in Wednesday as well. Client Steve Georgopoulas took pride in hefting the pots over the side into the deep. Steve will be out again Sunday to go fishing with friends and check his catch!

Steve tosses his lobster trap

Steve tosses his lobster trap

The Lisa&Jake made the first trip this weekend to find calm seas and plenty of fish! Although it is still very cool on the water ” 44 degree water temp” all had a great day! The Red fish are spawning this time of year so some nice large ones were hooked by anglers as well as the limits of some nice size Haddocks!

This Wednedesday May 6 still has one opening for 2 for one Shared Charter! go to Kayman Charters.com to sign up!


Nice Haddock on Kayman Charters

Nice Haddock on Kayman Charters

Mate Jeff displays the Capts dinner!

Mate Jeff displays the Capts dinner!

First Haddock of the season

First Haddock of the season

The Lisa&Jake is ready to fish!

We will start our fishing trips this week. For those who do not get the news letter I have put up some great never before heard of specials to get folks out fishing with our new regulations.

Next week has a promise of great Spring weather so join us for a day on the water at great reduced pricing.

Haddock, Pollock and Reds will make a great fun day and some good eating!

Gloucester Cod fishing Kayman Charters

Hello !
It is the end of April and we still have not been an able to fish because of the Government closures!
The Lisa & Jake is ready to go on May 1 when the bans are lifted!

We will offer different types of trips this year and have many last minute specials to get folks use to the new regulations.

The new regulation did come out the other day;

A brief summary of the new regs are;
No retention of Cod, that one affects a lot of folks as they look forward to catching the big one! We have had mostly Haddock the last few years as the Cod stock have been dwindling.
Haddock is unlimited in state waters and Haddock is 17 inch minimum with a 3 per person limit in Federal waters. that means 4 for my customers as the crew will give you our limits as well.
Pollock there is no bag limit on Pollock and an 19 inch size limit
Cusk and Redfish are also unlimited.

Flounder will also be on the menu this year as lots of folks love these tasty fish. These are a State regulated fish these are 8 per person with a 12 inch min size.

The booking calendar is up and running http://www.kaymancharters.com/charter-reservations/

Cod fishing Gloucester Ma Kayman Charters

Double Slammer Pollocks

Double Slammer Pollocks

Chris-61cod_thumb DSCN0014_thumb DSCN0099_thumb DSCN0113_thumb


Here we are in February battling the snow and looking forward to our fishing. Thoughts of fishing and enjoying the water gets a lot of us through our tough jobs and cold winter days. For myself it passes the time while plowing the many feet of snow over and over again!

The new regulations are going to change the way we do our fishing. The days of battling out the cold and rough seas to get to those big Cod fish are memories of the past.

For years we used to shovel out the January snow on the Kayman Too, break through the ice at the marina, hope the bridge was not frozen shut and navigate to the hot spots. The deck hose would have to be running all day long to keep ice from forming on the deck.

Even on a bright Sunny day I had the radar going and all tuned in knowing that as soon as I headed around the breakwater the spray of saltwater would freeze instantly making my visibility to absolutely zero. The customers fishing rods were stored inside the wheelhouse so they would not be a ball of ice when arriving on the fishing grounds.

After a short ride I would arrive on some of my winter hot spots, the bottom sounder tuned in looking for the orange spikes to display, sometimes the fish would hold so tight to the bottom it would look like a barren waste land to the untrained eye. As the current and drift were calculated the anglers would prepare their jigs. I would position the boat and get ready for the first drop,” this was my favorite thing I liked best about Cod fishing”. As the jigs reached bottom I would watch my bottom machine go to nothing and then exploded as the fish light up with excitement to devour the jig offerings of the anglers!

Wow they are there and hungry!

Most of these days any Cod that was not at least 10 pounds would be released to grow bigger. We would have our limit-80 Cod for the boat in no time. This would usually be 8 boxes of fish with the 40 plus pounders laying on the deck. The boat record was 50 minutes!

Well..as we know for now we can no longer keep Gulf of Maine Cod in 2015.  Haddock, Pollock, Cusk and Redfish will now be our main catch on our ground fishing trips. For those who always put a price on the amount of fish you took home to the cost of your trip, unfortunately this is no longer for you. for those who enjoy a day with family and friends on the ocean we have adjusted the trips to a lower price and a shorter day.

Our new ground fishing trips will run 7-8 hours and leave at 6am. the price will be $900 for the boat.

Our Shared Charters will be $175 and also be a 7-8 hour trip.

Summer Tuna/Shark/ Haddock trips will still be a 10 hour day and remain at $1350

I hope this will keep the tradition of fishing going and be enough to pay the overhead of running the boat. Even though it is a 4 month season now all of the overhead is still based on 12 months…I hope I can keep the boat going as I seek out other opportunities.


Trying to keep the anxious anglers and Kayman Charters clients informed as much as I can.
After a lengthy meeting yesterday in Danvers Ma I have learned the final regulations will not be in stone until March or April. Some of the decisions and recommendations are in place.
The recreational fisherman will be able to ground fish in the closed areas May – Aug, worst case is a May14 start when the emergency action ends.
It looks like the best case scenario is going to be a 4 Haddock per angler possession limit. There is a zero possession limit on Cod. No limits on other fish, Pollock, Cusk, redfish etc.
The Recreational advisory panel spent the day yesterday coming up with reasons on how we can reduce Cod bycatch and still allow fishing. If the council agrees with all of the reasons and recommendations that the bycatch of Cod will be much lower than the statistics show, only then the would allow a 4 haddock limit.
Unless the recreational sector can reduce Cod bycatch there will also be a zero haddock limit.

As stated these are NOT the regulations just what was put forth to council to review.

I am looking for input from past clients. The days of filling the boat are over unless you land on some nice Pollock. Some of the ideas I have are:
Shorter trips..less money
Combo trips Summer months can be mixed with Tuna/Shark
Bass fishing.. can be good in late May-July.
Last year we did very few trips after Aug 31 when there was no Cod and Haddock. we did have a few good Pollock trips and did some Tuna fishing. This becomes very difficult to keep the business going as the expenses never stop.
If you are reading this please take time to go to the home page and write a short note if you are interested in any fishing or the low Haddock limits and no Cod are going to make you take your fishing elsewhere.
I truly appreciate your input!
Thank you
Capt. Kev
Gloucester Kayman Charters

Hunter was high hook!

Unfortunately the new regulations have not come out yet. I have a meeting scheduled for later on this week and should get an idea of what they have planned for us. We “the  recreational advisory panel” will make suggestions to go to the council. The council will the forward this to Noaa  before it comes out in writing.

The biggest issue is closed areas and if they will let the recreational fisherman into these areas. We have to just wait and see.

Once this comes out I will make an announcement with an e-mail new letter and post to facebook as well.

Thank you for your patience hope t see you all this year!

Capt. Kev

The Lisa&Jake was put into dry dock for the winter before Thanksgiving this year. The government closed the local grounds to all Cod fishing. We did some Tuna fishing into November and got a handful of nice Blue fin Tuna.

Again our government is leaving it up in the air as our fate to fish for Cod and Haddock. As of now all the inside grounds are closed until May 1. There are spots outside these closures to fish but I don’t plan on starting until May.

Not knowing the future I have to cut back the overhead so the booking calendar is out of operation as of now please give me a call if you would like to reserve a date.

Happy Holidays to all

Kevin and Lisa Twombly