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Fishing Reports

With Commercial Tuna season getting shorter we are giving huge savings to our customers! For October a $550 savings fro school Tuna trips.

Tuna in the gulf have been getting very abundant and a lot of school Tuna are being caught. Join in on the action today!

A Nice fish for the guys from NJ

A Nice fish for the guys from NJ


Fernando and the Z-man with a nice Tuna

Fernando and the Z-man with a nice Tuna


Haddock fishing charters outside Gloucester continues to be red hot! Folks on Kayman Charters F/V Lisa&Jake continue to pick and choose the largest fish to maximize the yield!

Haddock to 28 in have been coming over the gunwales non stop for most of the day, the catch has been 95% haddock, very few Cod this year and other throw backs make a great trip!

We did catch a 22 in black back flounder and a 30 in Halibut that had to be released.

The fish are still in the shallow water but soon to migrate to the deeper  water as the water temps begin to rise.

Weekend trips are available and the next Shared trip is Friday June 29

Halibut caught and released on Kayman Charters

Halibut caught and released on Kayman Charter

IMG950889[1]                                                                                                                            IMG_4827[1]

The best in Shared Charter fishing for Haddock and ground fish in Gloucester. Kayman Charters is filling in schedules for the great Spring run of delicious Haddock!

There are still spots left open so don’t hesitate and book today

Gloucester Fishing Charters Kayman Charters

Gloucester Fishing Charters Kayman Charters

Another nor’easter is pumbling Gloucester, it is blowing about 60 knots here today!

The Lisa&Jake is still in drydock “thank God” the storm surges here have been something else with water flooding across the roads and flooding buildings along the coast!

We are still on target for an April 15 opener. Lots of Shared charter openings still up for grabs!


Capt Kevin holds a delicious Haddock

Capt Kevin holds a delicious Haddock

Shared Charters for Haddock will begin in April on the Lisa&Jake . Gloucester’s Kayman Charters has been taking clients to top fishing spots since 1990. Although the fishing has changed drastically over the decades, Captain Kevin Twombly continues to target and fill the Lisa&Jake with legal limits of top quality good eating fish!


My opinion, I do not want to stop a family from going out in there boat and catching a Cod or two for Dinner.

Also if the private boats Stayed  inside in May catching Cod, this should limit the discards substantially.


February 9, 2018
DMF is seeking public comment on how to address the recent New England Fisheries Management Council recommendation on 2018 Gulf of Maine (GOM) cod and haddock recreational limits. Of specific interest is whether to: (1) eliminate the existing state-waters private anglers 1-fish allowance for GOM cod and retain status quo regulations for GOM haddock, or (2) maintain our private angler allowance for cod and require additional constraints on GOM haddock. Per the Council’s recommendation, the latter option would result in a 2-fish reduction in the for-hire bag GOM haddock limit (from 12-fish to 10-fish) and a May GOM haddock closure for private anglers. See Table below for details.
Please take a minute to provide your feedback and comments by clicking on the following link: CLICK TO TAKE SURVEY Comments will be accepted until February 23rd, 2018.
An advisory with further information can be found by clicking on the following link: CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION or going to www.mass.gov/marinefisheries
To unsubscribe please click here Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries 251 Causeway Street, Suite 400, Boston, MA, 02114


Haddock season opens April 15 in the Gulf of Maine. The Lisa&Jake will be ready to go with Private and Shared Charters.

The regulations will be the same as last year with 12 Haddock per man plus and extra 24 fish for the Capt. and Mate to be split up among the group{after the Capt. gets dinner!}.

There is no Cod in the forecast and don’t expect to see it, Sorry! Not my doing. There has been plenty of Cusk in the warmer months that are great eating and go 8-20 pounds.Gloucester Fishing Charters Kayman Charters

Shared trips will start in April as I am getting a lot of calls for the Shared trips. A lot of regulars go on these trips and they are all great folks to fish and hang out with.

opening day sees Haddock action

opening day sees Haddock action



Haddock fishing will open again on November 1! The Lisa &Jake will make some November trips this year to load up on some Haddock and Pollock for the freezer!

October Tuna has been hot and will be sure to continue for a while with the abundance of bait and warm weather.

Recreational size Tuna around 100 pounds have been taken on most trips just 10 miles off the beech, along with giant 400 plus size fish that are released on the side of the boat.

Tuna being fought on Lisa&Jake

Tuna being fought on Lisa&Jake

KIMG0212 KIMG0217 KIMG0218


200 pound Porbeagle shark

200 pound Porbeagle shark


Porbeagle Sharks have invaded our offshore grounds. Every trip we get a shot at one or two Sharks. these ferocious predators are after anything that moves including your prized Haddock!

Baits are put out on a shark rod  and we have had several hook ups. Larger sharks over 300 pounds have been released because it is to much meat for some groups. We have landed a handful of Sharks under 200 pounds. The are very similar to a Mako shark in looks and flavor for steaks on the bbq!

Haddock fishing has been steady with a nice mix of Pollock and Cusk. Lot of action on the full day trips!

Shared, full day and Marathons all have availability!

Kaymancharters Haddock fishing

Kaymancharters Haddock fishing

IMG_0053_thumb IMG_0054_thumb



Fishing has been fantastic this past week with a nice mix of fish!
Pollock, Cusk and Haddock have been coming over the gunwales on every drop!
The fish have moved to some deeper water than the last few weeks and the Summer weather rolls through. The Haddock like the cooler darker water so as the days get longer and the temperatures rise they seek these conditions.
Porbeagle Sharks have shown up everywhere and we have had encounters with them. These are good eating fish like Mako Shark  and add some excitement to the day.
August has a few shared trips open and weekends are open for private charters see kaymancharters.com for reservations

Haddock are back in the Shoal water and lock and load fishing continues!

here is the latest new letter

Deep Sea Fishing Massachusetts

 Spring Haddock Report
Plenty of nice Haddock 
The haddock fishing started out with a bang again this year!
April trips the Lisa&Jake went to the 100 foot area 12 miles outside Gloucester and caught our limit in a short morning trip.
The fish moved from this area to some deeper water and were not as condensed following a few storms.
For the last couple weeks the fish have moved back to “the Bank” and are plentiful as can be! The last few trips have seen some great size fish and plenty of them! This is some of the best Haddock fishing you can have! Light tackle makes it a lot of fun in the shallow water!
Early Spring Haddock run
Please help Charter and Party boats stay in Business
As always we are all up against the wall with the government regulations.
This year the recreational anglers was proposed to take a cut in bag limits and seasons for the Haddock and zero Cod all year.
This would keep the recreational sectors total fish for the year under the maximum fish taken.
Being very involved with the fisheries management am passing along to you the reasoning behind it and hoping you will send a comment to the administrator. Your letter does help!
In a quick summary, the recreational fisherman are allowed a total number of fish. The charter and head boats fill out reports every day. We represent the non boat owning public, which is most of you reading this.
The boat owners are surveyed at the dock, then numbers are multiplied by number of licenses. This method has been so out of reality and being scrutinized by all for years.
For example the survey says every weekend there are 1300 private boats fishing for Haddock.
Truth is on a perfect Holiday weekend on a well known hot spot I counted 20, were are the other 1280?
This number is why you have to throw back nice Cod when you come on the lisa&Jake. These ghost boats are killing 700,000 pounds of Cod by fishing for Haddock.
Charter and party boats are hanging on by a string, the people are not filling spots on these boats and we must keep the tradition of going fishing with family and friends.
Party boats have already gone out of business, their 100 ft docks, parking lots and buildings will turn into condos and be gone forever with the tradition. Charter boats are going out of business, already 60% of six passenger boats are gone.
Please write to John Bullard and tell him
As a non boat owner and depending on charter boats to take the Family fishing, please listen to the boat captains  who have a first look at what is really going on.
Please do not give my quota of Cod fish to the local boat owners for discards.
These are the two main points to use as subjects.
For more information, read the proposed rule as published in the Federal Register.
Comments are due by June 9, 2017.
Please submit your comments using the Regulations.gov online portal, or by mailing your comments to: John K. Bullard, Regional Administrator, National Marine Fisheries Service, 55 Great Republic Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930. Mark the outside of the envelope, “Comments on the Fishing Year 2017 Groundfish Recreational Measures

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 3 openings June 6 for Haddock

Saturday June 3 open for Charter

As always Kayman Charters will be offering Shared Charters these dates that we offer shared trips are posted on the ‘Shared Charter” page of the web site.
It is now easier than ever to sign up for a trip from the shared charter page simply click on the date you would like, sign up and get an instant confirmation!
Tip, The earlier you sign up for the trip more people will see spots are filling in and sign up, In the last two years there has only been 2 times out of 63 that the boat did not go because of lack of fisherman!
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