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Cod and Haddock Regs Amendment 16

Under Amendment 16, the average catch of these stocks by each component during fishing years 2001-2006 was used to caculate the commercial/recreational allocation for these stocks. This resulted in a recreational allocation of 27.5% of the groundfish for the Guf of Maine Haddock and 33.7% for Cod

The allotment is as follows

Codfish  5,892,956 pounds

Haddock 714,298 pounds

Haddock limit has been reduced to 18 inches no bag limit

Cod remains at 24 inches Bag limit of 10 per angler

Hook restrictions have been lifted

Halibut has been increased to 41 inches

If the recreational fishery exceeds its yearly allocation of GOM Cod or Haddock as listed above, NMFS will adjust the recreational season,limits or sizes for the following years

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